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Good News about Jesus


(This is really good news!)



God is awesome! He is a spirit who resides in Heaven yet is everywhere.  He knows everything and never lies. He has the power to do anything He desires and is just. He always keeps His promises. His promises are  significant.   He made us. His plan is to show us His greatness and goodness because He loves us and knows our greatest enjoyment is in Him. He requires us to believe Him, obey Him and worship Him because He is holy, worthy and always right. He is good and always cares. He is a God of mercy. He is a God who rescues. He is on mission to show His glory by rescuing sinners.  The gospel starts with God. God is awesome!


The Curse for Sin is the reason we need rescued and why the gospel is good news.  Sin is not treating God like He deserves.  Sin is breaking the 10 Commandments; even one. Your sin separates you from God. God is angry at people who sin; even if you only sin in your heart.  He shows His angry judgment in the curse of death. That's why you will die. Without rescue, the curse will take you away from His goodness and happiness to Hell. Hell is the final place of condemnation by God's righteous wrath. This is bad news.  Those who sin are sinners. Sinners are condemned in eternal wrath. You are a sinner. Sinners need rescued from the just wrath of God. Through Jesus, God is on that rescue mission to save sinners.


The Work of Jesus is the good news! Awesome God, the angry judge, is also loving, full of compassion and grace.  Jesus came to show you a true picture of God.   Jesus lived perfectly, He never sinned. He told the truth about God.  Evil men crucified Him on a cross and He died.  It looked like this was a mistake.  It wasn't.   We deserve to die but God sent His own Son to die for sinners, as a substitute.  But He didn't stay dead.  He rose up from the dead and is alive.  This is the way God shows He was satisfied with the payment of Jesus death. He truly is the Son of God who took the curse of death for sinful people.  God Himself paid the curse for sinners. Jesus was cursed for us. He did this to rescue us.  We don't deserve it, but Jesus came to show us Grace and Truth.  Jesus demonstrates how God loves us! His rescue mission shows both His glory and His love. It is your only hope!



God's Rescue is about forgiveness and how we can be delivered from the just curse of God. His rescue comes through faith alone. God loves you and, if you put your trust in Jesus, He will forgive you.  Completely.  God will not stay angry.  He will treat you like you never broke His commandments. Since Jesus lived rightly then died as the substitute curse for you, God treats people who trust Jesus like they lived rightly too; God puts Jesus rightness on your account! He will truly forgive you!  Since Jesus died and rose again, to make payment for your sin, you can spend eternity in heaven, where God's greatness and goodness is enjoyed forever. If you do not trust Jesus there is no rescue. If you trust in Jesus, God will rescue you!


Heart Change is real because God changes the heart of each person He rescues. It is part of the rescue. It is your heart that leads you to sin and with your heart you put your trust in Jesus.  It is our heart that God changes.  He not only forgives but makes us want to obey and worship Him.  Plus, He helps us do it by His Holy Spirit. He enables us to grow to be more like Jesus and do right things more and more. God rescues sinners who trust in Jesus.  His Mission is life changing.  He is pleased with this new life He gives.  You will be too.



Faith Alone is necessary for God to rescue you.  It is His only means of rescuing sinful people. The work of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection is the foundation for rescue.  Faith is the means. The things you have just read are from the Bible so they are true whether or not you believe.  You must know the true story of God's plan in Jesus but He doesn't rescue you until you, on purpose, turn from your sin to believe on Jesus.  You must by faith alone turn to God and trust Jesus alone to save you.  Faith comes from the heart as a choice but if Faith could speak it may say something like this:


  • I don't want God angry at me.

  • I have sinned against God.

  • I want God more than my sin

  • I am judged and condemned by God in my sin.

  • God, Himself, loves me and has provided rescue in Jesus through His work on the cross.

  • I want Jesus and the rescue and new life He gives!

  • I turn to God and put my trust, my confidence, in Jesus, God's only provision, to rescue me.

  • Jesus is enough! I will follow Him.



Jesus rescues people who believe on Him.  He does it through Faith alone! God’s rescue mission calls for faith not your works of righteousness, goodness, rituals or performance. Jesus completed all that was needed.


This true story of God’s rescue mission through Jesus is called the gospel.  “Gospel” means good news.  Your conscience tries to remind that you have broken the 10 commandments and not given God first place in your heart. So this is really good news for you!

Will you believe on Jesus and be rescued from your sin and the consequences?  He wants you to.  So do we.


You can read more of this story in the Bible.  The gospel of Mark or the gospel of John is a good place to start reading. 

A church that teaches the Bible and helps you follow Jesus is God's plan.  Maybe you would like to visit us. We will help you follow Jesus.


Romans 1:16–17 

… I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”



In the white church building in Ireland (Two streets north of Rt. 56 at the light in Ireland)


Study/Service Sunday 10:30

Grace Group Wednesday 6:30




   P.O Box 152

   5173 W. Walnut Street Ireland, IN 47545

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