Elder's Letter of Concern about "Pride" Celebrations

As Christians and church leaders, we cherish God’s grace and truth. We also share God’s concern for individuals, families and children in our area. We are concerned they are targeted for influence by “Pride” agendas and are being drawn to approve and participate in these lifestyles. We share a desire for biblical love, healing and protection for each one involved.


We are concerned the “Pride in the Park” festival is happening and especially under the banner of “pride” and advertised as “family friendly” since lgbtq+ beliefs, actions and goals are shamefully against God and therefore, harmful to individuals and families. An article on May 23, 2022 stated “It is made possible through donations from businesses and individuals” and we are concerned our community is supporting this without thoughtful consideration of God. We’re not asking anyone to question the legal right of these groups to gather but we are asking you to question what is right and good in God’s eyes.


In compassionate concern we raise five questions inspired by the Bible (Romans chapters 1-3).


1. Can it really be Christian to celebrate or support the very sin the Bible highlights to demonstrate how far people will go in dishonor to God? The pride that rejects God and His design for marriage, procreation, sexuality and the family is the heart and essence of sin in each of us.


2. Can it really be good to celebrate or support lgbtq+ beliefs, actions and goals?  It trades the truth about God and His design for the lie that a person’s passions are reliable to determine righteous love and sexuality. This is deceptive, against God, and cannot be good.


3. Can it really be kind or loving to celebrate or support lgbtq+ beliefs, actions and goals when they lead people away from God; drawing others to reject Him and His good design for marriage and family? To move away from God or influence others to do so, even in the name of inclusiveness, is foolish and shortsighted; rejecting the only mercy we will each desire on judgment day.


4. Can it in any way be “family friendly” to celebrate or support lgbtq+ beliefs, actions and goals? They approve and encourage sexual behavior against God and if followed frustrate satisfaction, threaten procreation and hinder the relational skills required and acquired in God’s design of marriage. This cannot be good for families.


5. Can there be any excuse for religious or moral people to acknowledge lgbtq+ beliefs, actions and goals are contrary to God and His design, but without acknowledging our own sinful beliefs, actions and goals that equally stir up God’s righteous wrath? We have all turned from God. Though God in kindness may have kept us from their dishonorable passions, we too are sinners; each of us on our own hopeless and helpless journey to destruction except we receive right standing before God by faith alone in Christ alone.


May we instead celebrate and share the true love God showed us in Christ and His cross, the very heart of Christianity. There is inclusive love in the death of Jesus Christ who bore God’s punishment for sinners on the cross and was made alive again so each sinner, no matter our sin, who turns to Him by faith alone, will be accepted, forgiven, cleansed, and changed, in new life that lasts forever. Is it not best to celebrate and share this love within our community that many be included and find freedom, refuge and reconciliation with God?


In Christian concern,

Bruce Seivers, Pastor/Elder- Grace and Truth Church

Tom Jahn, Elder- Grace and Truth Church